A New Mindset, River Largemouth’s

Most people think about catching smallmouth bass when they are fishing the Susquehanna River, but I have been experiencing more and more largemouth bass on many areas of the river. You’ll find most of them in the pool areas of the river such as the lower end of Goldsboro and the Long Level area. These areas have slack water and deeper areas where the largemouth like to hang out until it is time to feed.

During a fall club tournament a couple of years ago it was an unusually tough bite for that time of year and getting a bite from a smallie wasn’t happening. My partner and I came across a strip of grass about 20 yards off the shore which was about a foot high.

That proved to be a nice little holding spot for some largemouth bass that were holding in the green stuff. They weren’t huge, but it saved the day for us as each of us were able to muster a few out of there so we didn’t have to go back to the boat launch with our tails between our legs.

Here is a 5lb. 7oz. largemouth caught at Long Level or otherwise known as Lake Clarke. This one took a penetration color sweet beaver, which happens to be one of my favorite baits to use when fishing for largemouth bass. In fact, the majority of big largemouth’s that I have caught, have come on this bait and I always make sure I have them handy. The penetration color, which is a black and blue laminate and the old standard green pumpkin seem to suffice in most any situation. But I also like the black and blue color and try a few other colors from time to time, but always seem to go back to the penetration for stained and dirty water and the green pumpkin for stained to the clearer water.

I am sure there are many other places on the Susquehanna River that you can get find Big Mouth Billy, but most of my time has been spent at Goldsboro and Lake Clark a the Long Level area of the Susquehanna River.

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