A Day in the Life of a Fishing Guide

Fox 43 News has a little segment they do called “A Day in the Life of ___________” Just fill in the blank with a profession, such as a musician or a tattoo artist. Well the most recent segmented featured our beloved Dave Shindler of Jst Fishin’ Guide Service. Dave explains in the video how he has the best job in the world and we couldn’t agree with him more. Nice job Dave!

“Bucktailing” for Summer Flounder

The thought of drifting lazily along the coastal bays of the East Coast seems normal to most. In fact if you watch the vast majority of flounder fisherman, you will see them drifting along with rods in the holders waiting for that tell tale soft bend in the rod as a flounder swims up to the bait and gently hangs on. The “normal” rig consists of a single or top-bottom rig with a minnow, squid or some other natural bait. While this is a great way to catch fish in the perfect conditions and tides, we all know that the stars rarely align in those “perfect” conditions. The technique I choose is far from normal, and the results are FAR from normal. It starts with

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Flatheads Save the Day for Dave

If you fish the Susquehanna River then you are probably as frustrated as the rest of us with the terrible conditions this year. This has been a crazy spring and it just won’t let up. Dave reports that there has been more rain and, high water, muddy water and just overall screwed up conditions then he has ever been able to remember. The water temperature is just now breaking into the 50’s and finally clearing. The fish have been way up on the bank holding in tress and brush that are not normally under water. As the water drops they continue to move down. Here and there we get a couple days where conditions improve enough to do some damage on the bass and walleye,

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A surprising week on the Susquehanna

I have been reading some of Dave’s reports for this week and thought I would share with you some of what I am hearing. The Susquehanna River started a major rise this week due mostly to snow melt up north. We had some area rain, but that really wasn’t the reason.  The week started off with river levels around 6′ at Harrisburg and at the moment the levels are in the 10′ range, so that was quite a jump.  In any case you need to pick your areas carefully and only the most experienced boaters should even mess with levels that high unless you are down in the pools where the current is much easier to manage. Dave Shindler from Jst Fishin’ Guide Service reports

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Susquehanna River Fishing

Fishing on the Susquehanna is getting better. Most of our Smallmouth are coming on Power Team Lures Craw D’oeurve in Green pumpkin, 2 1/2″ mizmo tubes and Lucky Craft pointers in Ghost minnow. The majority of fish are near current or just in the seams. It will continue to get better as the water warms. SusquehannaRiverFishing.com