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kids fishing Free Fishing Day Guide for 2018 - Looking for a chance to go fishing, or take someone fishing without having to buy a fishing license? Here is a Free Fishing Day guide for 2018 listed by State. This is a perfect chance to take someone (or yourself) fishing, and they won't need a fishing license on these days. If you are taking a kid fishing, chances are ...Read More
Susquehanna River Level Sunbury - - The information below shows the Susquehanna River level in Sunbury, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Susquehanna River at Sunbury.
Susquehanna River Level Harrisburg - - The information below shows the Susquehanna River level in Harrisburg, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg. </div
Susquehanna River Level Marietta - - The information below shows the Marietta River level in Marietta, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Susquehanna River in Marietta, PA.These river levels are updated at least twice a day.
Juniata River Level Lewistown - - The information below shows the Juniata River level in Lewistown, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Juniata River at Lewistown.
Juniata River Level Newport - - The information below shows the Juniata River level in Newport, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Juniata River in Newport, PA.These river levels are updated at least twice a day.
Conestoga River Level Lancaster - - The information below shows the Conestoga River level in Lancaster, PA at a glance. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Conestoga River in Lancaster.These river levels are updated at least twice a day.
What Does it Take to be a Fishing Guide? - Every wonder how hard it would be to become a fishing guide? It sounds like an awesome job, but there are many things to consider.
Bass Fishing Tips From The Pros - We here at Fishing Trips Today are very excited to announce our newest discovery in the modern fishing world. A tool for any fishing enthusiast, from beginner to big trophy hunter, will find the exact tools, bass fishing tips and pro secrets needed to enhance their fishing experience. The Bass University has launched their very own online digital video training ...Read More
Delaware River Fall Fishing Report - Delaware River in the Fall As the fall progresses, look for the bass on the river to begin to migrate toward their wintering areas. As the amount of light each day continues to diminish, this triggers the baitfish and bass to begin to move. Look for the bass to use hard cover like rock and wood, both man-made and natural. ...Read More
Pete’s Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report - Upper Chesapeake Bay Report The weather has been stable and warm and the bass are busy spawning.    The Upper Chesapeake Bay continues to put out some exceptional catches.  Several fish in the six pound class have come into the boat over the last two weeks with four and five pound fish being caught every day.   Fish on the bay are ...Read More
Spawn is starting on Chesapeake - Pete Gluszek guides and provides on-water training on the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River as well as many other local, and sometimes not so local, bodies of water. Here is his fishing report sent out in his recent newsletter.... After a cool spring, the weather broke into the 70’s and 80’s. This quickly pushed water temps into the 60’s for ...Read More
Reporting Distressed Bass on the Susquehanna River - For those interested in helping report stressed bass that you come across when fishing the Susquehanna, use the information and link below: PFBC has put an online reporting form to report distressed bass on the Susquehanna River.  Please report any instances of bass that show sores, fin rot, dead fish, or fish that are visibly distressed due to low oxygen ...Read More
Five Things You Should be Doing Now to Catch More Fall Bass - The fall is a great time to catch bass and big bass as well.  The water temperatures are dropping and the fish realize that winter is coming.  They begin to feed up in preparation for the cold months ahead.  There are a number of baits that will work for you during this time of the year.  Here are 5 Things ...Read More
Carp Bait or Duck Food? - A friend of mine sent me over this pic he took while spending some time at Raystown Lake. Folks were feeding the carp with some pellets bought at the marina store. Seems like these pellets make pretty good carp bait because it started this little fish feeding frenzy and soon a few ducks decided they were going to get in ...Read More
Do Spawning Carp Drive Bass from Grass? - Fishing on the Upper Chesapeake Bay has been tremendous this spring. Many tournaments have produced multiple bags of fish over 20lbs and one tournament even produced (what is probably a record) a 10.42 lb largemouth bass! Once the summer bite gets underway, the water has experienced some warm periods that can drive water temperatures into the 80s. At this time ...Read More
Striper Fishing On the Bush River during Late Fall - I setup a brand new Lowrance Elite DSI-5 in my boat a couple of days back so I found it necessary to put the boat in the water to evaluate my new Down Side Imaging Unit. Needless to say, I took a couple rods along with me, and I'm sure glad I was able to. What an excellent decision! I ...Read More
Susquehanna River Fishing Jerkbaits - Every fall I look forward to Susquehanna River Fishing because the fish are big and the action can get hot and heavy. The fish move in areas that are fairly predictable which is good, other than the fact that most other folks know about the same spots. But, there always seems to be enough fish for everyone. Early fall calls ...Read More
Safe River Levels for Boating - Safe River Levels for Boating and Fishing I thought it would be a good idea to put a small guide together that shows the reliable running river levels at various points in the river. It is important for all to understand that these are the levels that some of us employ when boating the river. The actual ranges that just ...Read More
G Loomis Warranties – The NRX and GL2 Wildcard - G Loomis raised the bar with the warranty on the NRX line of rods. These rods were publicized at the Icast 2010 Trade Show where they took Best of Show and the Freshwater Rod Winner titles. But there was another thing that took the sector by surprise. G Loomis was now delivering a "wildcard" warranty with the rods. The Wildcard ...Read More
Susquehanna River Fishing – Looking to the Fall - Many folks have enjoyed much success when Susquehanna River Fishing, and I have as well, but my favorite time is during the fall. Fall fishing is great because the fish are big and you can really find some nice schools of fish. I remembered some videos I took a couple of years ago that I though would be great to ...Read More
A Day in the Life of a Fishing Guide - Fox 43 News has a little segment they do called "A Day in the Life of ___________" Just fill in the blank with a profession, such as a musician or a tattoo artist. Well the most recent segmented featured our beloved Dave Shindler of Jst Fishin' Guide Service. Dave explains in the video how he has the best job in ...Read More
“Bucktailing” for Summer Flounder - The thought of drifting lazily along the coastal bays of the East Coast seems normal to most. In fact if you watch the vast majority of flounder fisherman, you will see them drifting along with rods in the holders waiting for that tell tale soft bend in the rod as a flounder swims up to the bait and gently hangs ...Read More
A New Mindset, River Largemouth’s - Most people think about catching smallmouth bass when they are fishing the Susquehanna River, but I have been experiencing more and more largemouth bass on many areas of the river. You'll find most of them in the pool areas of the river such as the lower end of Goldsboro and the Long Level area. These areas have slack water and ...Read More
Power Team LuresSerious Baits for Serious Fishermen - Bob Bernotsky is very familiar with PowerTeam Lures and how effective they can be for catching bass, especially big bass. That is no surprise seeing that he is the bait designer and owner of this new and upcoming lure company. These baits are unique and loaded with scent which is evident the moment that you open a pack of them. ...Read More
Keeping up with the conditions - To say that the conditions have made angling tough this Spring probably sounds like a broken record (for those old enough to know what a record is). I have heard over and over that folks can not ever remember a Spring packed with so much rain which has resulted in high water, unmanageable currents and overall mud everywhere you go. ...Read More
Flatheads Save the Day for Dave - If you fish the Susquehanna River then you are probably as frustrated as the rest of us with the terrible conditions this year. This has been a crazy spring and it just won't let up. Dave reports that there has been more rain and, high water, muddy water and just overall screwed up conditions then he has ever been able ...Read More
Jerry’s Striper and Largemouth Report - STRIPERS: The action on the flats has been slow due to low water temps. Most of the fish are being taken on live or cut herring. The best area is off the red bouy by the barge anchorage. Also go up river near Port Deposit and cast large plugs (Rapala SSR-14 and Bunka Boy) in the eddy's behind the rocks. ...Read More
Susquehanna River on the Rise Again - Here we go again. The rain is a rainin' and the river is a risin'. Levels at Harrisburg will crest at a little over 10' by Saturday and the weekend is not looking good. These levels are dangerous and should not be dealt with by anyone unless you are down in the pool areas and are a very experienced boater. ...Read More
A surprising week on the Susquehanna - I have been reading some of Dave's reports for this week and thought I would share with you some of what I am hearing. The Susquehanna River started a major rise this week due mostly to snow melt up north. We had some area rain, but that really wasn't the reason.  The week started off with river levels around 6' ...Read More
Former FLW Pro can be your Guide - Its one thing to have a great guide to take you fishing, but you add a whole other dimension when that guide is also a Professional Bass Fisherman who has competed in the FLW. That is what you'll get with Pete Gluszek, a highly respected bass pro, who along with Mike Iaconelli founded the Bass University. Pete has had (and ...Read More
Pro Staff Tournament Memories - Susquehanna Fishing Tackle has a (very informal) Pro Staff tournament each year after the show season and final Cabin Fever Sale. It is a time when everyone is ready to relax and have a fun day of fishing after a grueling winter of shows and cold weather. It is time again for this annual tournament (and I use the word ...Read More
Susquehanna River Fishing - Fishing on the Susquehanna is getting better. Most of our Smallmouth are coming on Power Team Lures Craw D'oeurve in Green pumpkin, 2 1/2" mizmo tubes and Lucky Craft pointers in Ghost minnow. The majority of fish are near current or just in the seams. It will continue to get better as the water warms.
Susquehanna is stabilizing - The river has been coming the past couple of days since a couple days of flood levels.  For a short time we saw levels of 21' at Harrisburg and some overflowed banks, but it didn't last long and it now looks like we are on our way to some great fishing days ahead.  At last check the levels are at ...Read More
Clam Eats Spinnerbait - I love the river because each day brings something new to the mix. Kevin and I were out on the Susquehanna River in the fall of 2010 and he decided to show his skill at slow rolling spinnerbaits. In fact it was so slow that a clam latched on to one.   This clam completely ate the spinnerbait and Kevin ...Read More