G Loomis Warranties – The NRX and GL2 Wildcard

G Loomis raised the bar with the warranty on the NRX line of rods. These rods were publicized at the Icast 2010 Trade Show where they took Best of Show and the Freshwater Rod Winner titles. But there was another thing that took the sector by surprise. G Loomis was now delivering a “wildcard” warranty with the rods. The Wildcard warranty is just a 1 time, no hassle, replacement of the rod absolutely free, in the event of a breakage. And even better, you can get the rod replaced over the counter at any official G Loomis Dealer. A lot of these rods nonetheless carry a limited lifetime warranty on materials and flaws, so in case you end up with a rod that breaks under regular fishing conditions, and was not abused, don’t use your wild card. Save the wild card for an event that’s not included within the warranty such as slamming it in your car door.

The way you can Sign up for the Wildcard Warranty

After you buy your rod, you can easily down load a product enrollment form from the G loomis site or download it right here. As soon as you fill out the form and connect a copy of the invoice (this is a requirement) , one can mail your document and receipt to:

Use the links below to download the registration form for your model rod. Fill out this form and send it to the Shimano address listed, along with a copy of your receipt.

Download the GL2 Wild Card Registration Form

Download the NRX Wild Card Registration Form

Shimano American Corp.
Att: Wild Card Registration
One Holland
Irvine, CA 92618

G Loomis should mail you a Wild card that you will show your dealer in case you snap the rod. The merchant will take your broken rod and wildcard and exchange it for a brand new rod. You are only allowed to swap it towards the identical model which you destroyed, except if you and your dealer are going to mutually choose an exchange of a differing kind.

G Loomis offers the Wild Card with the GL2 series

The recently unveiled G Loomis GL2 series is protected with the wild card as well. This is fantastic news as well as a good deal for these GL2 rods which happen to be priced around $200. NRX rods in contrast are priced anywhere from $450 to $500 so if you destroy an NRX, you definitely should make sure that you have went through the steps to get the wild card.

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