Five Things You Should be Doing Now to Catch More Fall Bass

The fall is a great time to catch bass and big bass as well.  The water temperatures are dropping and the fish realize that winter is coming.  They begin to feed up in preparation for the cold months ahead.  There are a number of baits that will work for you during this time of the year.  Here are 5 Things You Should be Doing Now to Catch More Fall Bass:

  1. If you are fishing a grass fishery, throw a 1-2 wire bait punch.  Start off with a buzzbait and match the blade size to the size of the baitfish. Don’t rule out a black buzzbait either as they can be very productive.  The Boogerman buzzbait has a great black one that is worth a try.   Follow up with a spinnerbait, especially if the wind gets going.
    Once again, make sure to match the blade size to the baitfish size.  Sometimes you need to do something out of your comfort zone so don’t be afraid to try some new things.  Snagler Tackle Spinnerbaits makes some awesome spinnerbaits that you can purchase on-line.

    snagler tackle spinnerbait
    Snagler Tackle Spinnerbait
  2. Now is the time for topwater so don’t rule that out either.  A popper style bait such as a Splash-it can work well. Experiment with the amount of pause that you use between twitches.  In river systems with a good bit of current, you can let the popper float over ledges and a couple of gently pops is sometimes all you need to trigger strike after strike.  When choosing a walking style topwater bait you can go with a subtle presentation with something like a Lucky Craft Sammy or a more obvious look with a Super Spook or Strike King Sexy Dawg.  Try both approaches to see what the fish like better on any particular day.

    Strike King Sexy Dawg
    Strike King Sexy Dawg
  3. It’s crankbait time!  Get on a shallow wind blown bank and crank a square bill crankbait.  Focus your cast towards rock or wood and pick apart the area with multiple casts all around your cover.  Two square bill crankbaits that do exceptionally well are the KVD Square Billand the Spro Little John.

    Strike King Square Bill Crankbait
    Strike King Square Bill Crankbait
  4. When you are going for the smallies in the fall you can not forget about the jerkbait.  Make sure you have one that will suspend in the water when it is paused.  Fish it with the classic jerk-jerk-pause retrieve and vary the length of your pauses until you get dialed in to what is working.  Then hang on because jerkbait fishing can be some of the most exciting fishing second to none other than topwater fishing.  You never know exactly how the strike will be.  They may pick it up while it is being paused and you’ll suddenly see your line starting moving, or they may hit it right when you jerk the bait, giving you a nice little surprise.  If you see them follow your bait into the boat without striking or you are getting a lot of short strikes or catches on the back hook, try changing up the color.

    Lucky Craft Pointer 100
    Lucky Craft Pointer 100 Jerkbait
  5. No top 5 list would be complete without the Alabama Rig.  This newly introduced rig has been taking the fishing world by storm.  This rig allows you to rig 5 swimbaits in a schooling pattern to be fished on a single line.  Check your State’s regulations before fishing to see what regulations exist for the maximum amount of hooked baits you can fish on this rig.  If your State only allows for a maximum of 3 hooked baits, fish two of the swimbaits without hooks or with a spinnerbait blade.  Any baits without hooks should go on the top or higher part of the rig.  Bass tend to school up in the fall and this is a great presentation for schooling bass.

    Reeper Alabama Rig
    Reeper Alabama Rig

The Custom Kicker 2K Reeper Alabama Rig is available on-line at Big Bass USA

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