Keeping up with the conditions

To say that the conditions have made angling tough this Spring probably sounds like a broken record (for those old enough to know what a record is). I have heard over and over that folks can not ever remember a Spring packed with so much rain which has resulted in high water, unmanageable currents and overall mud everywhere you go. It has made fishing challenging, and in many cases impossible. When going for the tidal fish even the Bay has been affected and I heard last weekend there was even an area where a standing wave developed due to water rushing in from the River and the outgoing tide pushing against it. Compared to the River however the Bay has been the best place to wage your success and there are many landing nice fish in this area.

In his Bay Area Fishing Report, Jerry mentions that before this last rain things were really starting to turn around and you could look for the grass and catch them on chatterbaits. He was catching some good fish out of Dundee and Saltpeter creeks. The Bass were also moving up into the Susquehanna River, Mill Creek, Furnance Bay and Swan Creek. Once again chatterbaits were the ticket along with spinnerbaits being worked around the grass and deadfalls. Don’t leave out the possibility of shallow running crankbaits either, as certain days they were working great. The water is rising again and it is hard to say what this latest round of cold, muddy water will do. The way it has been you really have to keep up with the changing conditions to see how the patterns are changing. As usual, Jerry will be on the water and keep us in formed as to how things are looking.

Dave says that as far as the river goes, you’ll want to find the current breaks and also the warmest water. The rain and overall cooler temps this Spring has kept the water temperature colder than normal, and those few degrees of warmer water can really make a difference. The fish know it is time to spawn, but the water temperatures are not cooperating, so the fish will be looking for warmer water and to find them that is what you have to look for too. He has been using mostly spinnerbaits and jigs in the current breaks and also in some areas with strong current. He also says the flathead fishing is game on and they have already caught their first catty over 30 lbs and he expects to break last year’s record of 34 fish over 30 lbs.

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