Pro Staff Tournament Memories

Susquehanna Fishing Tackle has a (very informal) Pro Staff tournament each year after the show season and final Cabin Fever Sale. It is a time when everyone is ready to relax and have a fun day of fishing after a grueling winter of shows and cold weather. It is time again for this annual tournament (and I use the word tournament very loosely). So I got to thinking that last year I took some video at the tournament, and seeing that we won (and I use the word “won” very loosely) I thought it would be fun to put a little bit of it together and post it.

We caught most of our fish on jerkbaits and tubes.  Jerkbaits during the first half of the day and tubes in the afternoon.  The water was cold; in the high 40 degree range,  and it was highly stained with the spring current running strong.  The Rapala X-rap in the hot steel color was the jerkbait of choice for that day.  The key was to jerk it down a couple times and then let it sit for sometimes 10 seconds or more.  I am not very good at this type of fishing which always perplexed me because I consider myself a very patient type of fisherman.  Or maybe I am just patient cause I will just keep on fishing and fishing even when I don’t catch anything.  Once we switched to tubes though I started to shine.  You see everyone assumed the smaller 2.5 inch tube would work better in the cold water, but I switch up to a 4 inch tube and started catching more fish and my bigger fish as well.  That was even a surprise to my stellar boater, Dave Shindler of Jst Fishin’ Guide Service.  Hey, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in awhile.  So here it is….enjoy 🙂

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