Power Team LuresSerious Baits for Serious Fishermen

Bob Bernotsky is very familiar with PowerTeam Lures and how effective they can be for catching bass, especially big bass. That is no surprise seeing that he is the bait designer and owner of this new and upcoming lure company. These baits are unique and loaded with scent which is evident the moment that you open a pack of them. Bob and his wife Katie run the day-to-day operations of PowerTeam Lures and they joke that the name came from the fact that together, they were exactly that, a Power Team. I couldn’t agree more as they have been growing by leaps and bounds this year. At the rate they are going, I am sure this company will be one of the biggest soft plastics lures companies around and probably sooner then later.

Bob had an area set up at each of the trade shows that we went to this year and it was easy to find his table… just follow the garlic smell. I had a chance to talk to him about his company and how he got started. He started by making his own lures and found just how successful he was using them. His wife, Katie, mentioned the idea of selling them since they worked so good. If you are going to do something, do it right. Bob decided to quit his (very nice) full-time job and jumped in head first. His co-workers thought he was crazy, but Bob had a vision and the desire to make it happen. He says he now works more hours and harder than he ever did, and for far less pay, but the rewards are to come for sure. Plus he mentions there is nothing more satisfying then doing something that you really have a passion for.

Recently I happened to be telling him about my recent new personal record of 5lbs 9oz. when he sent me a picture of his 8.9 lb new personal record. This gal was caught at the Sandy River Reservoir on a Pumpkin Grape Swirl Gator that was rigged on a 2/0 light wire hook, topped with a 1/16 oz. tungsten weight. Well, so much for my record, but I was using a PowerTeam Lure either! Next time I’ll know better!

PowerTeam lures can be purchased at SFTtackle.com a website powered by Susquehanna Fishing Tackle.

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