Striper Fishing On the Bush River during Late Fall

I setup a brand new Lowrance Elite DSI-5 in my boat a couple of days back so I found it necessary to put the boat in the water to evaluate my new Down Side Imaging Unit. Needless to say, I took a couple rods along with me, and I’m sure glad I was able to. What an excellent decision! I boated twenty-two stripers in two hours, and many fish were as much as 20 inches long. I was fishing the Bush River and the fish were staged on each rock pile I stopped at.

My bait was a Stillwater Lures Clatter Shad that weighed 1/2 oz and was finished in color number 31 which is a silver blueish color. It wasn’t long until I realized that this was the bait I needed. The lure needed to bounce off of the rocks and when it would bounce erractically they’d slam it. If there was no bounce in my bait, then I would not get any bites. The temperature of water was 50 degrees, but I have no idea that will last. The Striper fishing ought to be good until the water temps go down to 45 degrees. Keep in mind, you might need to slow up the retrieve as the water temps drop. Oh, furthermore the revolutionary Lowrance unit works great. Down-Side-Imaging is astounding!!!!!!!

Talk with you again soon.
Good Fishing and God’s Blessings’


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