Susquehanna is stabilizing

The river has been coming the past couple of days since a couple days of flood levels.  For a short time we saw levels of 21′ at Harrisburg and some overflowed banks, but it didn’t last long and it now looks like we are on our way to some great fishing days ahead.  At last check the levels are at around 9 or 9.5 feet and although it is pretty muddy we are hearing of people catching some nice smallmouth and some big ones too.  So we find that the river is very fishable, but we caution you that it is still a task only for very experienced boaters.  It looks like we will be at 7.5 feet by Sunday and then it is game on!  Temperatures will drop a bit from today and tomorrow’s 60+ degrees, but we don’t expect that to stop the fish from biting.  So if you are ready for some big smallies and a lot of them then you’ll want to get out there.

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