Susquehanna River Fishing Jerkbaits

Every fall I look forward to Susquehanna River Fishing because the fish are big and the action can get hot and heavy. The fish move in areas that are fairly predictable which is good, other than the fact that most other folks know about the same spots. But, there always seems to be enough fish for everyone. Early fall calls for the spinnerbait, but when the water gets a little colder, especially down into the low 50’s or high 40’s, that is when I can get a decent jerkbait bite going.

The Lucky Craft Pointer 100, in the Ghost Minnow color is one of my favorites on the Susquehanna River, especially when the water is on the clearer side. Because of all the rain we have had recently, the current was really moving and I positioned the boat next to a rock ledge at the bottom of an island. This made a nice current break for the fish to hold on. I would cast up stream at a 45 degree angle and then snap the bait down a couple of times where it would suspend and then float down past the boat. As the bait moved down stream and then started to make and arc towards the back of the boat, the fish would then hit it. I don’t think this is a very conventional way of fishing jerkbaits, but I have had a lot of success fishing them like this when the current is strong. I also have used Super Flukes, rigged weightless, and fished them in this manner in strong current.

Susquehanna River Fishing in the fall is certainly one of my favorite times. On this particular day I was by myself, but had a video camera with a little bit of tape left on it. I positioned it on the back seat to get a couple shots of these fish. here it is:

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