Susquehanna River Fishing – Looking to the Fall

Many folks have enjoyed much success when Susquehanna River Fishing, and I have as well, but my favorite time is during the fall. Fall fishing is great because the fish are big and you can really find some nice schools of fish. I remembered some videos I took a couple of years ago that I though would be great to get out of the archives and share with everyone so you can start getting pumped for some fall river fishing as well.

Even though we are on the Susquehanna River, the principles shown in this video apply to a lot of river fishing across the country. These videos all feature George Acord, co-owner of Susquehanna Fishing Tackle and This is where I work doing web design and marketing. I was the videographer and believe me that is always a tough job because when the fishing gets hot you have to stop fishing and start operating the camera. George takes us through 3 progressions of fishing a school of fish that we found close to a creek mouth. He starts out with a faster crankbait presentation and as the action slows down, so does he, which enables him to maximize his catch from this school of fish.


The school of fish that we found was located at a creek mouth and had an underwater point or ledge which was created from years silt washing out of the creek. The fish were suspended on the ledge’s drop-off, in an eddy that was created by the down current. Many times fall fishing requires some searching until you find a school of fish and usually you’ll find them where there are shad, and today was no exception. Using a size 300, shad colored bandit crankbait, George would cast beyond the drop-off and drag the bait along the shallow until he hit the drop-off, at which time he would get his hits. If he drifted off the spot, he would get nothing. He knew he was using the right color because the fish would engulf the bait. Anytime you have a smallmouth getting hooked on the front hook of a crankbait you know you are using the right color.

Slowing down to a Jerkbait

After a few casts with the crankbait and no fish, George realizes the fish are wising up to this presentation and getting a little spooky from the disturbance. He also realizes there are always some less aggressive fish in the school that you’ll never catch unless you slow down a little. So out comes the Lucky Craft, Pointer 100 Suspending Jerkbait. We quickly see the action resume with a few twitches of the jerkbait. The fish are hitting it on the pause and George explains the technique of slack line jerking, which out-fishes any other style when Susquehanna River Fishing with Jerkbaits.

The River Fishing Catch-all – The Tube

The bite is really starting to slow down. George gives some reasons why this happens and then decides to fish a tube. Dragging it along in 2 to 3 feet of water and the letting it fall down the drop-off into 10 to 16 feet of water starts up the action again. The equipment you need for successful tube fishing is also explained.

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